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The instrument prices are without case.
The instruments can be picked up in my store in Vänersborg or sent, shipping cost is added to the price.
Payment Swish, invoice or debit card in store. Payment must be made before delivery.
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    MÅS Badger - Serial number 2003

  Body:             Alder  1-bits OdiesOil                       
  Neck:             Maple 2-bits OdiesOil
  Fretboard:     Ebenholtz R10"-15" Scale 25,5"  Gold Evo frets
  Tuners:          Shaller M6  Ebenholtz knobs
  Bridge:           Gotoh Floyd Rose
  Pickups:         Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz
  Finished:        April - 2020
  Status:             For Sale 12995 SEK

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    MÅS - Badger - Serial number 1804

  Body:            Alder/Maple top Chrystaac
  Neck:             Maple/Mahogany 5-piece ChrystaLac
  Fretboard:     Ebenholtz R12" Scale 25,5"
  Tuners:          Spertzel
  Bridge:          Evertune
  Pickups:        Mås Nero
  Finished:       October - 2018/ Repainted to gloss November 2020
  Status:            For Sale 14995 SEK

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    MÅS Wolverine One - Serial number 2001

  Body:            Alder 2-bits ChrystaLac                               
  Neck:             Maple 2-lager laminat
  Fretboard:     Pau Ferro, R10" Scale 34"
  Tuners:          Gotoh
  Bridge:          Schaller
  Pickups:        Mås Jazz set
  Finished:       February - 2020
  Status:            For Sale  14995 SEK