True Temperament Custom Shop

Mås Instrumentmakeri is a Customshop for True Temperament in Sweden.

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Mås Instrumentmakeri makes convertions of fretboards on guitars and customordered fretboards.

A convertion is done by routing of the old fretbord and glue on a new TT board on the instrument..
If the instrument have binding ve remove the fretboard inside the binding, se picture below.


The laber cost for a conversion starts on 4000 SEK excluding VAT.

The starting price includes:

* Removing the old fretboard  (Guitars without binding)
* Routing a new TT fretboard including dots.
* Drilling and installing side dots.
* Glue on the new fretboard.
* Topsanding and polishing the new frets.
* Making and installing a new nut.
* Setup of strings and intonation.

Laber cost for guitars with binding, inlays, painting is charged extra per hour of work - 400 SEK excluding VAT.

In addition to the labor cost, materials such as TT-frets, wood for the fretboard, dots, inlay material, top saddle, strings, shipping, etc. are added.


-:-  Mikael Åsberg -:-